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International Circular Economy Conference Rhineland-Palatinate 2012

Increasing energy and resource prices as well as international climate protection obligations are challenging industrialised and emerging economies. Nowadays, energy and material efficiency technologies and services are a necessity to maintain and increase the competitiveness of enterprises and regions. New Circular Economy models characterised by regional cross-sectoral networks, regional development strategies, and value adding policies are the backbone of sustainable societies of the future.

Before this background the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS), an in-institute of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, on-site the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (ECB) is hosting the “International Circular Economy Conference of  Rhineland-Palatinate” on a yearly basis.

The “International Circular Economy Conference of  Rhineland-Palatinate 2012” will take place on October 17th 2012 and will offer our IMAT students to unique opportunity to get in touch with high-ranked representatives of politics, economy and science from all over the world and to obtain detailed information about sophisticated technology and management concepts made in Germany. For the 2012 conference IfaS will host guests from Argentina, Brasil, Cape Verde, Colombia, China, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Serbia, Sri Lanka at the ECB.

The tentative conference agenda will be published here soon.

Pictures: International Circular Economy Conference of  Rhineland-Palatinate 2011