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DAAD prize 2014 awarded to IMAT student

MAT student Hari Kumar Subedi receives DAAD prize 2014 as outstanding foreign student of Trier University of Applied Sciences

DAAD prize 2014 in Trier university of applied science is a prestigious award for excellent international student. This time IfaS and Trier university collectively recognised Mr. Hari Kumar Suberi from Bhutan as best student of the year who compeletes his dual master in International material flow management ( M.Sc. International corporation policy and M.Eng. International Material Flow Management) from APU Japan and IfaS Germany. Mr. Suberi in his statement conveys the messages on what made him achieve this success is not based on struggle and hard work but he says "Honesty and humility to any work is the guiding pillar for any success".

Today the economic, environment and social problems are linked with human attitude and policy Implementation effectively and efficiently which is directly linked to honesty and humility.

His research "Strategies for 100% renewable energy supply" has major role to play in future energy supply which is complex network of different energy carrier interwoven fundamentally within the policy and practices of any country.  He would like to carry on his study as his career goal further as PHD study.

While IfaS and IMAT family congratulates his achievement as Best student, he feels it is now responsibility to dedicate in this milestone objective of 100% RE strategies internationally.