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The Circular Economy Conference and 10th Anniversary of IMAT

The international circular economy conference hosted by IfaS on 7th November 2014 has mile stone dreams to be fulfilled for present and future generations to come. Circular economy is a new economy based on the 3R principles (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) that demonstrates economic value addition while environment protection remains its core concepts. Highlighting such concepts is linked with interdisciplinary combination of management tools based on Material Flow Management which addresses holistically to economic, environment and social problems. The conference took up with issues of human health which is linked with waste and environment challenges. Integrating such interesting issues in the conference, brought unity of more than 40 nation states in the small town of Birkenfeld, Germany.
This conference was also combined with the IMAT alumni meet 2014 in which IfaS celebrates the 10th birthday of the IMAT study programs. This annual alumni meet combined with circular economy conference was a unique chance for current and past IMAT student to link with German innovative partner companies around the world. This altogether made it an exciting experience to participate which was also expressed by many participants in the conference. There were many field trips organized within the alumni week which had firsthand experience of innovation and technology development in Germany. That brought together the high level research and innovation development.
While economy and management were prioritized, social interaction were regarded vital in this meeting. So IfaS took extra initiative to invite participants for dinner whereby lively discussion was possible. Thus the meeting was not only research, project and academic but also cultural exchange. The IMAT alumni dinner party experienced a family unity of all participants. This year the dinner party was beautifully decorated with the color of classical Indian dance and German music. Thus IfaS in total satisfactorily bid farewell to its delegates and children of IMAT family on 6 November 2014.