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IfaS - Institute for Applied Material Flow Management


The Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS) is a higher research institute of Trier University of Applied Sciences located at Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (ECB).

IfaS was founded in 2001 thanks to the initiative of a few committed professors from the disciplines of Material Flow Management, Ecology, Business Management, Physics/Process Engineering and Communication/Ethics.

The aim of IfaS is to promote the sustainable optimization of regional and operational material flows in specific and practice-oriented projects worldwide. An intelligent, resource-efficient dealing with energy and material flows constitutes the backbone of a sustainable society.

IfaS considers the optimization of energy and material flows not so much a technical question but rather a question of management. A thorough analysis of the actual situation, the creation of solution-finding networks, the meticulous design of technology as well as sustainable financial plans represent the most important working issues for IfaS.

IfaS is working closely together with municipalities, districts and medium-sized enterprises in the German Federal State Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, the area of the European Union, Asia (with focus on China), Africa and Latin America. With its projects, IfaS is facing the task of creating (regional) added value through innovative management concepts, the development of networks and technology-induced communication. An interdisciplinary approach combining matters of ecology, economics and society is therefore part of our philosophy as well as dynamism, flexibility and intercultural competence.


The thematic focus of IfaS centres on the following issues:

  • regional use of material flows,
  • competent corporate networks,
  • material flow management in the waste disposal industry,
  • Zero Emission Village (ZEV) and
  • regional studies on value creation.

IfaS is transferring the results of its comprehensive and global research projects in tailor-made education for international Material Flow Managers. The joint German-Japanese IMAT Dual Degree Program and the upcoming German-Turkish IMAT Dual Degree Program are part of the IMAT family. In Germany, a Master of Science in International Material Flow Management is offered since 2004.

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