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Our Alumni


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Events 2013 and 2014

In 2013 and 2014 we will offer the special event „Circular Economy Policies and Technologies in Germany“ for our IMAT alumni. Throughout this 9-days event, we will inform our alumni about the newest developments and technologies in the fields of renewable energies, water/ waste water and waste with the purpose of broadening the knowledge gained during their studies and work. Furthermore, the events shall provide our alumni with various opportunities for exchange and for setting up new projects among each other as well as with the IMAT lecturers, company partners and research institutions.

Within the framework of this special event the alumni will participate in the “International Circular Economy Conference Rhineland-Palatinate”, the IMAT conference, site-visits, lectures, alumni workshops as well as a cultural programme with weekend excursions and numerous evening activities. Furthermore, our current IMAT students will participate in some parts of the agenda in order to foster the networking between alumni and students.

During the yearly “International Circular Economy Conference Rhineland-Palatinate” environmental companies are presenting their newest technologies and international projects. Furthermore, our international project partners are introducing their Material Flow Management projects. The conference goes along with a technical exhibition of German environmental companies. Hence, the conference offers our alumni the opportunity for an exchange with high-ranked representatives of politics, economy and science from all over the world and to obtain detailed information about sophisticated technology and management concepts made in Germany.

During the yearly IMAT conference, we are informing our lecturers, partners and alumni about the current developments in the IMAT network. Furthermore, experts’ workshops are offered. Through participating in the IMAT conference, our alumni can strengthen their research and project cooperation with our lecturers.

The tentative agenda for the special event „Circular Economy Policies and Technologies in Germany“ will be published soon.