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The First IMAT Union 2014-2015

A report by Jaya Mukhia (current IMAT student)

The first week of October was the flying week for all the students who have been successfully enrolled to study IMAT (International Material Flow Management). On October 2nd 2014, was the first day of international union at IfaS which was the beginning for many talented future leaders. IfaS is the only institution in Germany which actually applies the concept of Zero Emission in university environment. IfaS is a part of Umwelt  campus located on the top of a hill where the heart opens to the intercultural unity.

It is near to Birkenfeld city. The uniqueness started right from the top management, the CEO Professor Dr. Peter Heck whose remarkable statement stated in the gathering as "Each and every one of you is very important to us,"  which was a welcoming note. Students from all around the world gathered together to embrace new  culture and shared different ideas. Slowly the feeling of oneness was seen building up in the gathering.



In response to this IMAT welcome party students expressed their feelings



"I came to know IMAT through my friend. I like to visit foreign countries,  experience new cultures, and meet new people. Our first gathering was very enjoyable and it was great to meet everyone in a relaxed environment. Being around with friendly and supportive people makes my experience away from home enjoyable." Micah

"I came into awareness of IMAT during my semester studies at the umwelt-campus as part of the study semester 2012 participant. I got further information from a student of the IMAT program from Ghana. The first gathering was good and interesting." Richard

"I got the information from my senior friend who graduated from IfaS and also my supervisor in APU recommended me that IMAT is a very nice course." Bill

"I came to know about IMAT from my friend. There was no difference in the  culture but definitely there was a language barrier. The first gathering was wonderful and lively with different people from different countries." Saha