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ECB Dormitories

Several dormitories are located at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (ECB) with a wide range of rooms available. Both “Single Rooms” as well as rooms in “Shared Flats” are offered. The standard facilities are kitchen units, internet and telephone connection as well as television outlets. Several rooms are already furnished or at least partially furnished.

For more detailed information please refer to or contact our IMAT-office.


An alternative option for students of the ECB are the dormitories of the “Elisabethstift”. They are easy to reach by bus or bike from the town center and the Campus. The Elisabethstift offers 430 single-rooms in total.

Students with disabilities (persons suffering from allergies, dependent on wheelchairs and epileptics) will obtain special rooms according to their needs. Kitchens are located on each floor and are fully equipped. Washing machines and dryers are also provided at your cost.

Employees of the Elisabethstift are always willing to help students if there are any problems.

For more detailed information please contact the IMAT-office.

Other Housing Options

Furthermore a large number of rooms are rented privately in the surrounding of ECB. The related offers are published through the ECB black-boards or online (Link in German language available only). The IMAT office will assist you in finding your accommodation.