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Nana Bortsie Aryee

The IMAT programme offered me a whole lot of opportunities and experiences that were very valuable. It gave me the chance to interact for long periods with people from different countries and backgrounds. It also broadened my horizon with regards to environmental business technologies and practices. Through the IMAT programme, I was given the chance to develop waste and water management projects in my home country which will benefit not just the populace but also help build international relations with countries like Germany. I had the chance to work with a German consulting firm during the IMAT period whilst also involved in other businesses of IfaS. In all these, I grew professionally with the experience over the two years of being an IMAT student and taking all the opportunities that were offered to me. The IMAT programme also provided the springboard for what I am currently doing. I am a PhD Student working on computational sustainability issues in the State of Maine in the United States.