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IMAT Master offers two tracks for master-level qualifications: IMAT Master of Science and IMAT Master of Engineering. These two-year programmes (4 semesters in total) are entirely taught in English. As opposed to IMAT Master of Engineering -a dual-degree offered in partnership with the partner universities-, IMAT Master of Science is entirely conducted in Germany at the  Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

While the core modules are shared by both study programs, the specialisation modules, which are specific to the respective partner university offering them are selected at the discretion of the student. Besides the core- and specialization modules, a spectrum of electives including foreign languages is also offered.



Business management 35%
Science & Engineering 25%
Interdisciplinary subjects 10%
Practicum & research project 40%

IMAT M. Eng.

Engineering 40%
Sciences & Business management 30%
Interdisciplinary subjects 20%
Practicum & research project 10%

IMAT international M. Eng. programs

IMAT Japan IMAT Brazil IMAT Taiwan IMAT Mexico
Focus Engineering Aspects of Material Flow Management Engineering Aspects of Material Flow Management Engineering Aspects of Material Flow Management Engineering Aspects of Material Flow Management
Japan Brazil Taiwan Mexico
Japan Brazil Taiwan Mexico
(Internship: 4 Weeks)
(Internship: 4 weeks)
(Internship: 4 weeks)
(Internship: 4 weeks)
Master Thesis Master Thesis Master Thesis Master Thesis
Degrees M. Sc. (Japan)
M. Eng. (Germany)
M. Eng. (Brazil)
M. Eng. (Germany)
M. Sc. (Taiwan)
M. Eng. (Germany)
M. Eng. (Mexico)
M. Eng. (Germany)
Details Details Details Details

Maintaining the interdisciplinarity, the proportion of the science, management and engineering subjects of IMAT are meticulously planned and blended according to the requirements of the principal legal stipulations of the German university system, the requirements of the European Higher Education Law, and the Bologna Accord.

How to apply?

Satisfying our admission requirements is the first step to a successful application! You will find all information you need in this section to apply for IMAT. Should you need to talk to us for any clarification, further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

When reviewing your application, the Admissions Committee considers past academic performance, work and life experience, intellectual ability and other non-quantifiable qualities such as motivation, self-confidence, leadership attributes, and the ability to cooperate with others. Thus, take careful effort in highlighting these when you present your credentials. Professional and/or extracurricular experiences, especially of an international nature are highly valued and carry additional weight in the evaluation process.

  •  a. good English language skills,
  •  b. completed a Baccalaureate Degree or equivalent from a recognized institution, and
  •  c. an APS Certificate (for Chinese students only;  please click here for further information).

Interested in the IMAT dual degree programs?

IMAT partner universities in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and Brazil manage the application process for IMAT dual degree programme separately. Hence, different requirements and regulations are effective for respective admissions. Please consult the respective university website for the detailed application requirements.

Interested in submitting an IMAT dual degree application?

Check our online application here. Additionally, you can check potential financial support for your studies on: “Financing your studies“.
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