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IMAT Scholarship (Tuition Reduction)

All applicants are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Tuition reductions range from 30% up to 100%. The award of the scholarships are entirely merit-based and upon thorough assessment of the candidate´s credentials such as work experience, research proposal, motivation, past academic achievements, recommendation letters, etc.  The awards are announced along with admission results and valid for the entire duration of the program providing that the student maintains good academic performance.

To apply for the IMAT scholarship, candidates should submit an independent scholarship application letter explaining how the scholarship would help them reach their educational and career goals (max 300 words).

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact us.

Other Scholarships

Candidates who are interested in applying for external scholarships are encouraged to contact other scholarship providers as early as possible.
Some useful information can be found here:

Student loans

German citizens (and EU citizens who have been living in Germany for 3 years) can receive a KfW student loan. For more information please visit:  KfW  or  KfW-Studienkredit.
Additionally, other German private banks also provide student loans.

Equal Opportunities Office of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

The Equal Opportunities Office supports female students during their studies with mentoring and scholarships.
For further information please contact  Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz.

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