IMAT Admissions Webinar

2 December 2020
11:00 CET

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Join the IMAT program and become a Change Agent who is knowledgeable in
Circular Economy, Renewable Energy, Zero-Emission Systems and Green Growth.
Study at Germany´s #1 Green Campus!
Current students
Partner Universities
“International” in every imaginable way

IMAT is multifaceted in International Material Flow Management education. Its global presence is as diverse as its contents.

“Interdisciplinary” succinctly describes IMAT

This graduate program brings cutting-edge knowledge from the German environmental science and engineering frontiers with a blend of interdisciplinary subjects to provide a solid basis for your future career.

IMAT is synonymous with “Innovativeness”

We do things differently and challenge the conventional way of thinking on a regular basis. Thus, innovativeness has become the very essence of IMAT.

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