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Financing your Studies

There are several options to finance your studies:


We offer scholarships providing excellent applicants with a 30%, 50%, 65%, 80%, or 100% reduction of the regular tuition fee. Furthermore, there is the option to apply for scholarships covering the living costs. 

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of an overall evaluation of documents submitted by the applicants. All certificates proving your professional and personal experiences will be considered as a benefit for your application, enhancing the chances to be granted a comprehensive scholarship.

Scholarships are generally valid for the entire term of enrollment depending on satisfactory academic performance.

Various scholarships offered by outside institutions may also be available for outstanding students after enrollment.

To apply for a scholarship, please fill in the IMAT Scholarship form (see Application Package) and submit it together with your application. IMAT Scholarships correspond to tuition fee reductions. Please read the respective Application Guides for our three IMAT Master Programmes carefully for more detailed information regarding IMAT Scholarships.

 If you are interested in scholarships to help covering your living expenses, we recommend doing research on private and government scholarship providers. Information can be found through:

German Academic Exchange service

Heinrich Böll-Foundation

Friedrich Naumann-Foundation

Hans Böckler-Foundation

Friedrich Ebert-Foundation

Konrad Adenauer-Foundation


Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (in German language)

Evangelisches Studentenwerk 

Please make sure to apply for a scholarship in time, in general about 1 year before the start of your studies!3

Student loans

German citizens (and EU-citizens who live in Germany for 3 years) can receive a KfW student loan. This is a low-interest-lending to cover your living expenses during your studies that has to be repaid after finishing the studies. For more information please visit: (Site available in German only) or

Furthermore, several other private banks in Germany offer various student loans (but with higher interest-rates).

Deutsche Bank

APO Bank

Equality Office of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Gender equality is very important within German society. For that reason the Environmental Campus maintains an equality office to support female students during their studies with coaching and mentoring services, scholarships as well as advice on suitable support programmes. Among others the equality office provides monthly scholarships for excellent female students of 160 € for the duration of one year.

For further information please contact Ms. Kristina Hector.

More scholarships

If you are looking for a scholarship you can also visit (in German language). The site has a huge database of German scholarships. You just have to register and answer a few personal questions and the database will find many suitable scholarships for which you can apply.